Monday, November 26, 2012

1928 Rolls Royce METEOR Special

Currently still in Rotterdam , about to be shipped to Florida : 1928 Rolls Royce 27 Litre V12 METEOR engined special Yes , 27 litre.. That's a little bit more than you've got in that big block car of yours , haha !  Go gigure that in cubic inches  !! .more info soon !

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1936 Auburn Speedster reproduction

COMING SOON !  Auburn Boattail Speedster reproduction.
Titled as a 1936 Auburn ! Rare 2 + 2 Model.
GM drivetrain. More info soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1967 Mercedes 250 SE Cabriolet

Here we have a beautiful 1967 Mercedes 250 SE Cabriolet with nice dark burgundy paint , marine blue leather and top , and with a rare 4 speed transmission. Car looks , runs and drives great ! We bought her from a doctor in Maine , who bought it from another doctor who bought it new in Germany and then shipped it stateside. More pics coming soon. Asking only $57,500

Thursday, March 29, 2012

1983 Excalibur Phaeton Series IV

Coming in soon , can't tell you much yet other than it's been in storage a few years..Call for specs pls

1985 Excalibur series V Phaeton

Coming soon , still have to evaluate the car , but she looks to be a nice one ! Beautiful white with lipstick red interior , wow ! Call for specs pls

1995 Bentley Continental Coupe

Beautiful 1995 Bentley Continental Coupe from California with only 40K mi., books and records and newer style grille. Asking only $45K ! Can ship anywhere to your doorstep at a very reasonable price !

1934 Chrysler Airflow

Wow , what a cooooool car we have here ! 1934 Chrysler Airflow with the famous waterfall grill and all ! This was a way , way, too far advanced design to catch on in it's day , when most cars were square boxes..Look at the - correct and maybe even original - interior ; almost French looking. This car has been mechanically gone thru recently at a tune of over $10,000 ( have invoice ) and she starts on a dime and runs and drives great. All in all , a very presentable car at a very reasonable price too ! Only $45,000 puts this great car in your garage ! Come on , it's always later than you think , it's time to play ! Only $45 K , Sir ! Can ship to your doorstep anywhere on the Globe.

1999 Bentley Continental SC

Sorry for the not so great pictures of this awesome car ; I'll make better ones very soon ! This is a 1999 Bentley Continental SC Sedanca Coupe , a very , very rare factory widebody coupe with Targa roof ! Only 19K miles and looks and drives like a new one. This was a very expensive car when new , as much or more as a convertible Azure ! Pls inquire for price

1936 Auburn Speedster reproduction

Coming soon : Here we have a sistercar to the yellow 2003 Auburn with superlow miles we just sold ..I have included some pics of that identical twin. It's a car that's even still on a MSO ; BRAND NEW , NEVER TITLED , with only a few HUNDRED testmiles !! Pls inquire for price

1960 Rolls Royce Phantom V Estate wagon

Now THIS is really something here , folks ! 1960 Rolls Royce Phantom V , LEFT HAND DRIVE ESTATEWAGON ! Of the Silver Clouds Estatewagon conversion, only 4 were produced ( by Radford in the UK ) and only 3 are known to exist , but I know of NO OTHER Phantom V's Estatewagons anywhere. This will be a very , very valuable car when redone in a different more cheerful color and with a new interior installed. Car runs and drives fine ! Call to discuss if you like

1957 Mercedes 220 S Cabriolet

Better pictures soon ! Beautiful orig. USA delivered car that lived most of it's life in sunny California. Records dating back to 1976 ! Supernice , rustfree car. Great running period correct engine coupled to a 4 speed trans and several desirable options like foglamps ,headrests, reclining seats and whitewall tires. Receipts of recent ( 2009 ) symphathetic restoration totaling over $30k. Originally a two tone colorscheme( yellow over Brazilian brown ) now all one color Brazilian brown. One of only 2178 Cabriolets built ! Pls inquire for price

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1998 Excalibur LTD series

O.k., here we go again : I did not think they would excist , since the factory built only 27 Limited Edition Series car in 1994 as far as is known..However here it is ! A 1998 Excalibur Limited Edition Series..A now 2 owner car , bought and delivered to the 1 st owner in 1998 ( he paid $100,000 ) and with only 28000 miles showing ! I drove this car , and I gotta tell you: it's a rocket ! 350 hp tuned port injection Corvette engine mated to this lightweight body makes for a killer combination if you like the speed as well as the looks ! I surprised the heck out of a motorcycle rider pulling up from a light and we both had a big grin on our face at the next stop ! Why buy a Cobra or a Chrysler Prowler or anything like that , if you can have the rarity and name of an Excalibur ? Those others have their own appeal , but they ARE a dime a dozen ; with only 27 cars on the planet , and who knows how few in the U.S. left, what are your chances of even seeing another one like this ? I don't know if you have noticed , but I sure have : prices on Excaliburs have boomed in the last couple of years; I know : I gotta pay more everytime ! Here's your chance to own a beautiful car with classic lines ,good history , a well known name among afficionado's , and a superperformance drivetrain ; truly the best of both worlds ! Get in , click on the a.c. and the stereo , hold on and let those 17 inch tires rip ! Please note : We sold this car a few years ago here in Florida to a gentleman who spent around $40K ( have invoices )on the car to upgrade the car , and it's scary fast ! He only drove it for about 5000 miles , his interest changed , and we were just able to purchase it back ! On our site , click on search website , fill out Excalibur , scroll down , and you'll see the first pics we put up back then. Now even better , and still only priced at $65,000. Can ship anywhere on the Globe to your doorstep.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

1975 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible

Wow ! Here's a true timebomb ! 1975 ( only year of that bodystyle )Chevrolet Caprice Convertible with 99 % orig. paint and 100% original interior , with only 24000 ( YES , 24K )original miles and factory 454 cu. big block , powerseats , windows , cold A.C. , it just does'nt get any better here ! Handsome and rare colors too. You're gonna have to work hard and pay me enough to get this puppy away from me , I'm telling you ! This car drives nicer than any Rolls Royce I've ever owned , and it won't even give half the maintenance ! Call if you want to discuss it..954 525 0600 , thxs.

2002 Bentley Azure DHC Mulliner edition

Just took on trade this georgeous 2002 Bentley Azure. This is a true Mulliner edition , meaning it has more wood , more horsepower and a higher newprice sticker. Great color combo ; midnite blue with tan and she comes with books and records. 50k carefully driven miles , clean car. Just had top serviced ( don't ask me what that cost ) Reday to be enjoyed by it's next proud owner ; you do feel you have arrived driving this car , believe me ! Price on request , pls call , thank you.

1988 Mercedes 560 SEC widebody AMG

Just took on trade this 1988 Mercedes 560 SEC Widebody by AMG. Beautiful pearlwhite paint with original tan leather interior and only 60 k orig. miles ! Just redid all brake calipers and fuelpumps at a tune of $1900 , and then spent another $2000 on brandnew 18 " rims and tires. Cold AC and ready to drive anywhere. This car is a really , really nice and clean one ! A great classic " Miami Vice " kind of car and one of the last - in my humble opinion - REALLY reliable Mercedes built..Can ship anywhere on the Globe at a reasonable price.

1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III

Mr. Purist , pls don't read or look further ! 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III Hotrod , believed to be ex- Elton John's ! Lefthand drive , beautiful custom paintjob ( reminds me of John Lennon's custom Rolls that was painted about the same colors ) and best of all , a reliable , troublefree , easy to maintain US drivetrain ! Big block Chevrolet 454 cu. , auto trans , GM rear end and brakes , A.C. , the works ! I have some documentation pertaining Elton John's ownership also. This great car runs and drives great , is superfast as well , and will give the new owner lots of pleasure and " teasingpower " at the next Rolls Royce ownersclub meeting ! And you can blast 'em pretty good with the hi-power stereosystem too !Better get used to starpower , this car radiates it whereever you park it ! Price on request , pls call , thank you.