Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1915 Ford model T depo hack

1915 Ford model T depohack in great condition. No excuses , this puppy runs purrrrrfect ! See movie.. White tires , new wood , brass grille , ready for you to enjoy and asking only $15,000... Can ship anywhere on the Globe for very reasonable price too !


1973 BMW 3.0 CS Coupe

1973 BMW 3.0 cs Coupe. Beautiful car with nice silver paint and excellent soft red leather interior. Automatic with cold AC. Comes with the original rims in the trunk , or maybe I'll have them on the car by the time you read this. No issues , great driving collector quality car with no rust , ready to put in your garage. Asking $45,000 and can ship anywhere on the Globe for reasonable price too !


Thursday, November 14, 2013

1959 Jaguar XK 150 S Roadster

 1959 jaguar XK 150 S Roadster

1959 Jaguar XK 150 S Roadster

This is a very nice looking XK 150 S Roadster that we just got in. Engine runs beautiful , paint and chrome are nice , and interior seats leather is a little worn , but looks original. Asking $125,000.. Can ship anywhere on the Globe


1968 Chevy C10 Pickup

 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup

1968 Chevy C10 Pickup

Just traded in this very nice , straight and rustfree 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup. Has a bored out to 383 V8 engine with a cam , automatic transmission with stall converter and shiftkit etc. Pretty quick according to previous owner. Will have an even cleaner enginebay and also a new frontbumper by the time she gets to Florida..Asking only $17,500 for this beauty and can ship anywhere on the Globe.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

1932 Duesenberg II Dual Cowl Phaeton

1932 Duesenberg II Dual Cowl Phaeton

TRUE BARNFIND !!! Here we have what has to be one of the still missing Duesenberg II dual cowl phaeton bodies , built by Elite Heritage Motors in Wisconsin.

All but 2 have been accounted for , and I was able to purchase this one together with the other missing one. They were sitting for over 25 years in a barn in upstate N.Y. together with another Duesie II , one of the 5 built Murphy roadsters and a SSJ shortwheel base bodied roadster. I had been chasing these cars for 23 years , ever since I spoke to the - now passed - father of the sons I now was finally able to purchase all those cars from ! Talk about patience..Although there's no supporting paperwork other than a bill of sale , there were wheels in the car with the Heritage logo on it , and one can clearly see the body is identical to the othere built, and the distinctive Duesenberg grille is something one cannot easily reproduce. Given the fact that these 2 Dual cowls were sitting together with the Murphy Roadster , the SSJ and plenty other interesting cars for such a long time , it is my professional opinion that it is safe to assume there ARE the two DB II bodies that were unaccounted for untill now. An attempt was made to put these 2 cars together ( the other one I'm keeping for now ) and this car is sitting on what appears to be a Chevrolet truck frame. What you see is what you get ; a rare chance to put together one of these great 30's era's cars. Duesenberg II's are fetching strong money currently , and the original cars are - as they always were - unattainable for a " regular guy " since they are now several million dollars. Please realize the potential of what this car can bring when finished. A great project with a big reward in the end ! Drivingwise and investmentwise ! Please CALL me for more info , as I'm on the road most of the time chasing classic cars , thanks ! Car to be sold on a bill of sale only.


Monday, September 30, 2013

2004 Rolls Royce Phantom

2004 Rolls Royce Phantom

What can I say..You drive one , you're addicted.. Supersmooth , yet superfast and imposing car that is quiet as a mouse ! A truly no issues , 2 owner car with 65000 miles on the clock , ready for you to enjoy. Best of all , if you plan on importing it into another country , the manyfacturedate in the door is jan. 2003 ! SAVES YOU A BUNDLE , my friend ! Asking only $117,500 FIRM !! PLEASE , no unrealistic trades and no , we don't finance , sorry..Check with JJBEST for that please. YES , WE CAN SHIP TO YOUR DOORSTEP ANYWHERE ON THE GLOBE. $117,500 for this beautiful great looking and running Rolls..That's a very fair deal for what I have here , guys..


Saturday, September 14, 2013

1954 Mercedes 300 D Cabriolet

Nice , solid , no rust California black plate Mercedes 300 D Cabriolet in good running and driving condition. Best of all , priced UNDER MARKET at only $159,500 !! You snooze , you loose..Be smart and act now. Can ship anywhere on the Globe for a reasonable price too !


Monday, September 9, 2013

1948 Allard L type

1948 Allard L type in very nice condition. Using a crashed Ford V8 coupĂ© on to which he had grafted the body from a Grand Prix Bugatti, racing driver Sydney Allard constructed one of the most unlikely of all pre-war trials specials. However, the Allard Special’s lightweight construction and relatively powerful American V8 engine, although not the first such combination, demonstrated the formula’s potential and provided the inspiration for future imitators, including Carroll Shelby who acknowledged Allard’s influence on the Cobra. After WW2, Allard progressed from special-builder to motor manufacturer, though the latter activity was really little more than a means of financing the company’s competition programme. Post-war Allards combined the same virtues of light weight, independent front suspension and an abundance of American V8 power, which had been features of that first trials special of the mid-1930s. These favourable characteristics enabled Allard to establish a formidable competition record in the immediate post-war years, Sydney himself finishing 3rd at Le Mans in a J2 two-seater and winning the Monte Carlo Rally outright in a P2 saloon. Introduced in 1946, the L-type employed Allard’s trademark independently suspended ‘split’ front axle and transverse-leaf rear end in a chassis 6” longer than that of the contemporary K-type, the extra length being used to accommodate two rear passenger seats. Like the vast majority of production Allards, the L-type used Ford/Mercury components, these being readily obtainable from Ford in the UK, the choice of engines being the 3,622cc Ford V8 or modified 4,375cc Mercury. A mere 191 examples were produced between 1946 and 1950, only 10 of which are currently known to the UK Allard Register. We were just fortunate enough to purchase this rare and very cool looking car and are offering her back to the market at only $ 59,500. Can ship anywhere on the Globe for a reasonable price.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1931 Bentley Le Mans Special

Here we have a beautiful 1931 Bentley Le Mans Special with a Bentley / Rolls Royce 8 cyl. engine with multiple carb set up and a great sound ! While naturally aspirated Bentleys dominated endurance racing in the early 20th century and W. O. Bentley himself rejected supercharging as a perversion of his creations, the so-called “Blower Bentleys” are the best known to date in the popular automotive culture despite never having won a major race. In fact the Blower Bentley was the brainchild of “Bentley Boy” Henry “Tim” Birkin, who was well-known for his never-ending quest for more power in his racers. Against W.O.’s express wishes, Birkin and his fellow Bentley Boy Woolf Barnato set up shop in Welwyn in 1929 to begin producing supercharged Bentleys, the first of which used crankshaft-driven blowers built by famed English engineer Charles Amherst Villiers. When Birkin was granted permission by Barnato – a multiple Le Mans winner and, not coincidentally, a part owner of Bentley – to enter a team in the French classic, albeit in a different class than the factory 6.6 L cars so as not to compete directly with W.O. The effort ended badly; both of Birkin’s cars suffered blown engines, and W.O. was irate to learn that the cars’ appearance then obligated him to build another 50 supercharged cars for homologation. Designed to race at Le Mans, the most famous Blower Bentley, the Birkin Monoposto, actually scored the first win for a Blower Bentley on the Brooklands race track in 1930 and held the Brooklands speed record at 137.96 MPH from 1931 to 1934. That historic racer is recreated in the superb machine offered here, which is built on a Mark IV chassis and suspension and uses a multiple-carbureted Rolls Royce/Bentley eight cylinder engine in concert with a 4-speed transmission. The distinctive aluminum bodywork duplicates the Birkin Monoposto design as raced by Birkin at Brooklands. Titled as a 1931 Bentley, this unique Le Mans Special beautifully evokes the spirit of the Bentley Boys era. This car is a "special" in the Bentley fashion ; it has a Mark VI chassis and everything you see is genuine Bentley ; engine , transmission , suspension , brakes , the works. The body is a perfect recreation in aluminium of the famous " Birkin Blower " the car that raced Le Mans and was driven by famous race driver Tim Birkin. As two seat configuration , you can actually put on your goggles and helmet and bring your better half along for a exciting ride ! Has lights , fenders and signal lights , so is street legal too ! Truly a show stopper and built with craftsmenship and pride like some of the other " specials" built by Petersen engineering for example. A truly exciting car in every way ! Priced at only $275,000. Will listen to offers and interesting trades..

1913 Packard run about

Packard introduced its first 6-cylinder automobile, the 525 CI Model 1-48, in 1911. That was followed by the smaller displacement 1-38 in December 1912. Displacing 415 CI, it had 7 main bearings and generated 60 HP, and was the first Packard to use left hand drive and an electric starter-generator designed by Charles Kettering. Its most intriguing feature was an electrical system control unit mounted on the steering column. Designed by chief engineer Jesse Vincent, who later conceived the Twin Six and Liberty aircraft engines, it brought ignition, light and horn switches and carburetor mixture controls within easy reach of the driver, vastly simplifying operation. Built on a shorter 115.5-inch wheelbase, this Packard 1-38 Runabout measured nearly 2 feet shorter than the full-sized Packards, resulting in sportier performance. It was meticulously restored by Tim Olendorf, and later repainted in correct Red with White pinstriping after its sale to a noted Michigan collector who commissioned award winning restorer Brian Joseph to complete the work. Having previously won numerous awards including a First in Class at Meadow Brook Hall, Best of Show at Bay Harbour and a First in Class at Greenfield Village, it is completely ready to once again show and compete on the Concours circuit. HIGHLIGHTS - 1 of 5 known remaining examples - First in Class at Meadow Brook Hall - Best of Show at Bay Harbor - First in Class at Greenfield Village - Restored by Brian Joseph - 415 CI L-Head six cylinder engine - 3-speed manual transmission - Front and rear seats were upholstered - Refurbished wood steering wheel - Highly polished brass and aluminum accessories - The chassis, suspension and axles were painted the body color - 115.5 inch wheelbase - 1913 was the first year Packard featured left hand drive and electric start PRICE ON REQUEST


Saturday, August 31, 2013

1965 Mercedes 220 SE Cabriolet. Auto trans ,very presentable paint , nice leather interior and nice chrome. Nice cloth top too ! Good , solid car with no rust. Priced too low to write here , but I'll do it anyway : only $47,500 !! Wow , that's VERY reasonable , folks , so please call me at 954 525 0600.. But before you do.. Look at the crazy prices the 3.5 's are making ; over $200 k ! Sure makes this car look even more affordable and more of a great deal. Please call me now for honest description , thank you. 954 525 0600


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1953 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

1953 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith with aluminium coachwork by Hooper. Brand new leather and mostly refinished wood.
Recent service including brakes. A no trouble Rolls in very nice shape , ready to enjoy , and will be a moviestar sometime next year too ! Thinking of $ 50's , but make an offer and I'll listen..

1972 Lotus Europa Twin

Coming soon : 1972 Lotus Europa Twin cam in very nice condition , just out of private collection.
Please call for price , as we still have to evaluate car when it comes in , thank you

Saturday, June 22, 2013

1987 Bentley Eight

This 1987 Bentley Eight is truly in very , very nice condition ! Looks to be ORIGINAL PAINT that's also very nice , and the leather inside is even better ! Miles just over a 100 k , but if I'd tell you she has 30 , you'd believe it ! Everything works as it should and no nasty , usually expensive warning lights come on. Runs and drives great and has cold A.C. 20.000 SERIES CAR TOO , which means the car has all factory updates that came into effect mid 87 after chassisno. 20 k. So...it's all good ! You can actually enjoy this car , and the price is right : only $17,000 buys this beauty ! Wow , only $17,000 for a nice , unmolested Bentley ? Yes , that's right !


1951 Willy's Jeep V8

Here we have a really cool lil' Jeep with a big engine !
It's got some extra pep with a Ford 289 V8 and will fly !
Reaaly cool beach cruiser for very reasonable money :
$12,500 buys it ! Can ship anywhere on the Globe to your doorstep if you like.. $12,500 for this nice Jeep !


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1966 Mercedes 220 SE Cabriolet

Coming in soon from CA : 1966 Mercedes 220 SE Cabriolet. Auto trans , more pics and info soon.

1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit Convertible

1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit Convertible - This is a very , very limited production factory built vehicle , built by Zimmer Moror cars in Florida in the 1980's. Total production of all Zimmers was only 1500 and to the best of my knowledge , fewer than 25 convertibles were built. Based on a brand new Ford , using all Ford running gear ; V8 , Aut. transmission , A.C. , Power steering , brakes , seats , the works. Low , low miles showing ; only 11,000 !! Beautiful and most desired color combination of French Vanilla with tan leather interior. Genuine wirewheels , power top. Best of all , priced to sell for the price of a coupe ! Asking only $37,500 / obo . Can ship anywhere on the Globe to your doorstep.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

JPs Mystery Racer

JPs Mystery Racer

Maybe you don’t recognise the guy at first sight, but this is JP Vandebundt. Boss of Victorycars in Florida. As you can see, he is taking his first driving courses in a car whith an XL radiator which easily can be seen as a sign for the appetite for slightly oversized cars he developped a bit later on, check his recent 1950 Vanderbundt Speedster Special. There’s even soem similarity between the two. The only problem is, that JP has no idea what the brand of his youngtimer pedal car is. Any readers who remember the car. Or is it a one off?
source: http://www.prewarcar.com/postwarclassic/magazine/previous-features/jps-mystery-racer-019490.html

Friday, February 8, 2013

1977 Panther De Ville

1977 Panther De Ville

1977 Panther De Ville. One of only 48 factory handbuilt aluminium bodied sedans , and most probably the lowest miles one in existence. Only 8000 miles since new ! We purchased this vehicle from the estate in CA , where the car sat next to other collector cars for a long time. In fact , it has a oilchange sticker on the windshield , stating to renew oil at 10k miles , in approx 1992 ! Last registered according to sticker on CA tag in 1994. We just had the car gone thru and serviced by a Jaguar specialist here in town , and spent over $1500 making sure she's ready to go mechanically. We just had brand new whitewall tires mounted on her , and only thing left is to re-fill the A.C. This car comes with the optional 12 cyl. Jaguar drivetrain. It's easy to understand why this was the most expensive car built in the UK at the time ; the quality of the build is very impressive. We had it on a lift , and there's zero rust on the car. Paint is original ofcourse , and has some very minor flaws in it from age. The Conolly leather interior looks great and the leather is soft , as the car was always garaged. The wood is beautiful. All in all , a great touring car and a great collectors item as well ! Priced reasonably at only $79,500. Most probably the ONLY one in the US !!! I have seen two others , but they are in Europe. What is the chance of finding one of only 48 cars built , and then in the more desirable LHD version ? Only at Victory cars..Can ship anywhere on the planet.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1981 / 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster

Coming in soon : Just out of a private collection : 1981 Auburn Boattail Speedster reproduction. Looks to have a 460 cu. V8 Lincoln engine and it's coupled to a automatic transmission and also has powe rsteering and brakes. Titled as a 1981 Auburn. These cars are getting harder to find , and they have enjoyed quite an upswing in prices lately. Waiting to assess the car before pricing it ,so please call , thank you.


1958 Mercedes 300 SC Coupe

Coming in soon : A very important and rare Mercedes : Very nice , original 1958 Mercedes 300SC Coupe with original , numbers matching fuel injected engine , original radio , Jack etc. More and better pictures coming soon. Asking $325,000 . Can deliver to your doorstep pretty much anywhere on the planet for a very reasonable price. Please call for more info , thank you.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2004 Rolls Royce Phantom

This is a real 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom that's been converted to a GM drivetrain with a factory crate engine ; a GM 502 CU. V8 bigblock with a racing aut. transmission. Has a Florida title that says " salvage in N.Y. and CA." On carfax , the last stated miles were in the 60's , but odo is not working , so I'll sell it as true miles unknown ofcourse. This car will need finishing , but when done , you'll have the ONLY Rolls Phantom without any of the computer stuff to be serviced. It will need body work , wiring and much more , but it IS a running and driving car. The car got damaged , fixed , probably damaged again , then it got " raped " where someone took out all computers , wiring etc , put in the GM drivetrain , and used it in a movie I'm told. I was the sucker that paid too much at an online insurance auction , but I did'nt want to pass on the misery they caused me by leaving out important information regarding the condition , so I took it on the chin and have been spending about $20 k to get it in the much better condition it's in now. Now , luckily , I had a good year , and I don't mind taking a loss ,which can be your gain , as long as I can write it off THIS YEAR ! So , let's make a deal ; give me a call. I'll give you an honest description and you may end up owning this cool Rolls. Or , if you're a movie director looking for a Rolls to drive thru buildings and blow it up , this is your car ! I'll even give you an extra discount if you let ME push the button ; I wish I could do that now !! ! So...Here's your chance if you don't want to shell out the $120,000 it will take in today's market to buy a pre-owned Phantom , and have a handy mechanic that won't overcharge you to finish it. It's priced to sell around HALF of the cost of a "normal" one ! If you like what you see , CALL ME FOR MORE INFO , DO NOT EMAIL ME , and I'll try to work with you. May consider trades up , down or sideways , try me .. JP 954 232 9494

1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster

The real thing ! 1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster , all Auburn drivetrain , metal body except for re-bodied tail end. Georgeous car in great condition. Here's former owners description when sold at B.J's auction in AZ for $148,500 : This is the car that defined sex appeal and speed for the 30's and beyond. The Auburn Speedster has the lines of a thoroughbred and comes from a stable of cards that are arguable some of the finest cars on the planet. This car is registered with the Auburn , Cord , Duesenberg Club and has benefitted from an extensive restoration in 2003. This car is an 8 - 100 model with the famous Lycoming straight 8 aircraft engine developed by E.L. Cord and used on these beautiful automobiles along with the " dual-ratio" differential to make it one of the fastest cars of the day reaching 117 mph. 1932 also brought the Schebler TX carburator adding 10 horsepower more and making these Auburns run snooth and reliable. This car , hand - built as a sedan was re- bodied 45 years ago when Glen Prey bought the name , rights and parts from the Auburn line , making aproxximately 11 cars. This is your chance to own a rare and beautiful running automobile with many awards under her belt. This car and it's color , design and Auburn quality speaks for itself. A very wise investment indeed. Price on request , please call , thank you.