Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1998 Excalibur LTD series

O.k., here we go again : I did not think they would excist , since the factory built only 27 Limited Edition Series car in 1994 as far as is known..However here it is ! A 1998 Excalibur Limited Edition Series..A now 2 owner car , bought and delivered to the 1 st owner in 1998 ( he paid $100,000 ) and with only 28000 miles showing ! I drove this car , and I gotta tell you: it's a rocket ! 350 hp tuned port injection Corvette engine mated to this lightweight body makes for a killer combination if you like the speed as well as the looks ! I surprised the heck out of a motorcycle rider pulling up from a light and we both had a big grin on our face at the next stop ! Why buy a Cobra or a Chrysler Prowler or anything like that , if you can have the rarity and name of an Excalibur ? Those others have their own appeal , but they ARE a dime a dozen ; with only 27 cars on the planet , and who knows how few in the U.S. left, what are your chances of even seeing another one like this ? I don't know if you have noticed , but I sure have : prices on Excaliburs have boomed in the last couple of years; I know : I gotta pay more everytime ! Here's your chance to own a beautiful car with classic lines ,good history , a well known name among afficionado's , and a superperformance drivetrain ; truly the best of both worlds ! Get in , click on the a.c. and the stereo , hold on and let those 17 inch tires rip ! Please note : We sold this car a few years ago here in Florida to a gentleman who spent around $40K ( have invoices )on the car to upgrade the car , and it's scary fast ! He only drove it for about 5000 miles , his interest changed , and we were just able to purchase it back ! On our site , click on search website , fill out Excalibur , scroll down , and you'll see the first pics we put up back then. Now even better , and still only priced at $65,000. Can ship anywhere on the Globe to your doorstep.

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