Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2004 Rolls Royce Phantom

This is a real 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom that's been converted to a GM drivetrain with a factory crate engine ; a GM 502 CU. V8 bigblock with a racing aut. transmission. Has a Florida title that says " salvage in N.Y. and CA." On carfax , the last stated miles were in the 60's , but odo is not working , so I'll sell it as true miles unknown ofcourse. This car will need finishing , but when done , you'll have the ONLY Rolls Phantom without any of the computer stuff to be serviced. It will need body work , wiring and much more , but it IS a running and driving car. The car got damaged , fixed , probably damaged again , then it got " raped " where someone took out all computers , wiring etc , put in the GM drivetrain , and used it in a movie I'm told. I was the sucker that paid too much at an online insurance auction , but I did'nt want to pass on the misery they caused me by leaving out important information regarding the condition , so I took it on the chin and have been spending about $20 k to get it in the much better condition it's in now. Now , luckily , I had a good year , and I don't mind taking a loss ,which can be your gain , as long as I can write it off THIS YEAR ! So , let's make a deal ; give me a call. I'll give you an honest description and you may end up owning this cool Rolls. Or , if you're a movie director looking for a Rolls to drive thru buildings and blow it up , this is your car ! I'll even give you an extra discount if you let ME push the button ; I wish I could do that now !! ! So...Here's your chance if you don't want to shell out the $120,000 it will take in today's market to buy a pre-owned Phantom , and have a handy mechanic that won't overcharge you to finish it. It's priced to sell around HALF of the cost of a "normal" one ! If you like what you see , CALL ME FOR MORE INFO , DO NOT EMAIL ME , and I'll try to work with you. May consider trades up , down or sideways , try me .. JP 954 232 9494

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