Friday, June 20, 2014

1936 Auburn Boat tail Speedster, Model #866. This Speedster is the first production Auburn Speedster (serial number A-866-101) built in 1968 by Glenn Pray’s Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Co.and sold and delivered to Ge. Lasher on april 26 , 1968 in it's original livery of pale yellow and red leather interior , at the ACD factory. ( see page 135 / 136 in the book " Glenn Pray , The man who brought Legends to life " by Joseph B. Malks. Glenn Pray produced Speedsters are regarded as the finest 2nd Generation Auburn Speedsters. They are rare as only 90-100 cars were sold. This vehicle is in very good condition with low ACTUAL documented mileage showing . Only driven on weekends. Garaged every winter. Powered by a Ford 429 cubic inch V8 engine with a 4 speed synchronized manual transmission. Functional supercharged style exhaust pipes, two on each side of the car. Original Auburn chrome parts include, bumpers, windshield frame, flying ladies, spotlights, fender shields, head lights, tail lights, and grill. Painted metallic blue with grey fenders with a Black interior. Pinstriped hood, boat tail, etc. New brakes, mufflers and battery.We are planning on re-painting and re-doing the interior like from the factory , but may sell her as is to the right enthousiast..Price on request , please CALL me at 954 232 9494 , thank you.

from Victory Cars

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