Sunday, January 4, 2015

1964 Corvette Convertible

This consignment car is part of a 40 car collection we're selling for a friend. Now , please understand that I'm much more knowledgable about pre war cars and have not yet investigated the engine no. , but I did take a picture of that so feel free to check that yourself. It is supposed to be a high horsepower engine , and the tach on the dash does confirm this. Yes , I know , this is no car for mr. purist with the custom paint , hood and wheels , but if you're reading this after you've seen the pictures that means you must still be interested , and you should be , because the interior is super nice and all original ; I mean , it's purrfect ! Alas , no soft top but it does have the hardtop as you can see. Engine starts every time on a dime and sounds great. Drive it as is as a nice representation of an era gone by , or bring it back to original ; another hood and some bumpers are easy to find and the body is nice and straight so you would not have to spend a fortune if you'd want to paint it..Well , it is what it is , so please don't call me or email me telling me what I already know...What I know is that the car is priced reasonable at $45k , and I can ship it anywhere for you..45K , that's it and you own it and that's a fair deal , my friend..

from Victory Cars

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