Thursday, November 26, 2015

1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster replica

Nice older Auburn built by Elegant Motors. TITLED AS A 1936 AUBURN, so great export piece! This car has a BRAND NEW JASPER 350 CU. GM V8, WHICH WILL HAVE TRANSFERABLE WARRANTEE FOR 100K Mi., or 3 years!! Automatic, airconditioning , power steering , brakes AND EVEN POWER WINDOWS ! Has older paint with cracks and paint chips, so I'm gonna call if for paint. The top is all there and I didn't see any tears although it may have to be stretched a bit in the sun as it hasn't been up a while. The car drives , shifts and stops just like it should. Now, don't be confused by the beautiful pictures ; the car does need paint and I don't need any irritation on the buyers side. Please come inspect it, you'll buy her anyway and everybody is happy. The price: Actually, in today's market, this car will be one of the cheapest being offered: $39,500 will put her on the boat or in a truck to your garage...That's including a brand new warranteed engine, folks ! $39,500... Now, that's a very reasonable price, eh? Go do your home work and compare..$39,500..Only at Victorycars! We buy and sell more Auburns than anyone on the planet! PLEASE NOTE MY NAME IS JP, NOT JC like someone here in town that sometimes has an Auburn.. JP, 954 232 9494
from Victory Cars

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