Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2003 / 1938 Talbot Lago Teardrop coupe recreation

This is a no expense spared , supernice looking , running and driving 1938 Talbot-Lago T150C SS Teardrop coupe recreation. Anyone looking at or driving in this timeless beauty will be really impressed by the superb craftsmanship that shows on this car. Built in very limited numbers by order only. Owner of factory ( TLC Carossiers, inc.) is retiring and building his last car as we speak. ( The business is for sale if interested. ) This is the most desired and updated series II model. The series II custom built chassis utilizes Hyperco coilsprings on QA1 coil-over adjustable shocks. Rack and pinion steerIng with four wheel discbrakes. Stainless steel exhaust. 17 inch Dayton true wirewheels. Super high quality Glasurit paint. All exterior trim is stainless steel that's been handformed in their shop. A 6ft. plus man will be easily accomodated by the spacious interior. Supersoft leather and engineturned dash with beautiful handcarved Honduras Mahogany wood compliment the original looking interior.Powerwindow swithes are original looking knobs on dash etc. The detailed work is simply stunning ! Even the gauges are custombuilt and indicate in French. Performance and ride is that of a modern GT car. Acceleration from o to 60 is only 5.7. seconds ! Engine is a brandnew 3.9. Liter Jaguar / Lincoln LS V8 , 4 cam and all aluminium that is 265 hp., coupled to a automatic 5 speed trans. Shifter looks like a stickshift. A great deal of time , money , blood sweat and tears , combined with proper research and computer designed suspension etc. went into this beautiful , sexy car. Given the fact that a identical looking original Figoni and Falaschi bodied car just sold a few months ago for $ 3.,905,000 ( that's almost 4 million dollars ladies and gentlemen ), and a comparable quality Mercedes Gullwing recreation for $240,000 ,I don't think it's out of line to be asking $175,000 for this particular car which has been properly stored in a climate controlled environment and with only 2000 carefully driven miles on her. You may go to the factory still , and see if you can secure the last car he's building for a little less , but this one is ready to enjoy rightnow , and George may change his mind about his price and update it the way I think he should..There's a total of 21 cars around I believe , and I don't know of any of the others for sale , so I suggest to please consider buying no. 18 , and to come over to see for yourself how beautiful a (re)creation is sitting right here waiting for you..TOO LATE ! SOLD TO JAPAN !


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