Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2005 Highway Star Custom car trailer

WOW ! LOOK AT THIS ! This 2005 Highway Star Custom Car trailer is truly a Star ! I spent mucho money and had clear lexan see thru sides built into this trailer. We left ALL the frame intact , and hence we did not jeopardize the integrity of the trailer construction at all. I wanted to create a showcar trailer , and I did. It's totally powered by Solar power. We installed a Solar powered fan on the roof , and also solar panels that feed and charge a huge truck battery from which the electricity goes to a converter that supplies power to the LED spotlights that come on automatically with a light sensor , so at night your car is visible without any hook up to shore power ( for which there is a plug also , but you don't really need it ) It's a 25 ft. trailer , and the box is 20 ft on the floor untill you get to the V nose part which is probably another 3 feet orso.The width between the fenders on the inside is 6 ft 10" , hight of fenders inside is 11' , floor to ceiling inside is 6 ft. , inside width wall to wall is 98 ". So , it will accomodate any car..I spent upwards of $15K on this beauty doing everything right and never cutting any corners , but sadly I never used it , so I'm finally letting her go , and I'm prepared to do it at a loss as well..So..My loss , your gain ! Make me a fair offer..Pls CALL for further info as I'm on the road a lot. JP 954 5250600


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